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What is Total Hip Replacement Operation?

In this operation, damaged cartilage - bone are removed and then replaced with a ball & socket to restore the alignment and function of hip joint. Many different types of designs and materials are currently used in artificial hip joints. All of them consist of two basic components: the ball component (made of a highly polished strong metal or ceramic material) and the socket component (a durable cup of plastic, ceramic or metal, which may have an outer metal shell). Special surgical cement may be used to fill the gap between the prosthesis and remaining natural bone to secure the artificial joint. A non cemented prosthesis has also been developed which is used most often in younger, more active patients with strong bone. The prosthesis may be coated with textured metal or a special bone-like substance, which allows bone to grow into the prosthesis.



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    When to undergo a Hip Replacement Surgery?

    The decision whether to have hip replacement surgery should be a cooperative one between patient & orthopaedic surgeon.

    You may benefit from hip replacement surgery if:
    • Hip pain limits your everyday activities such as walking or bending.
    • Hip pain continues while resting, either day or night.
    • Stiffness in a hip limits your ability to move or lift your leg.
    • You have little pain relief from anti-inflammatory drugs.
    • You have harmful or unpleasant side effects from your hip medications.
    • Other treatments such as physical therapy or the use of a gait aid such as a cane don't relieve hip pain.
    • Femoral Head or Neck Fracture after age of 60 years.

    How long is the Hospital Stay for Hip Replacement?

    Hospital stay depends on patient’s recovery. Normally stay is 6-7 days. Patient is hospitalized one day prior to operation. Most hip replacement patients begin standing and walking with the help of a walking support, 4 to 5 days after surgery.

    What is latest technique of (THR) Total Hip Replacement Operation?

    In latest technique, Metal on Metal Extra Large Head is put which provides almost full Hip movement after operation.

    At what Age Hip Replacement can be done?

    Age is not only criteria but important factors are amount of hip pain and disability. If some one is handicapped only because hip arthritis, then it can be done at any time after age of 18 years.

    How your new hip is different?

    You may feel some numbness in the skin around your incision. You also may feel some stiffness, particularly with excessive bending. These differences often diminish with time and most patients find these are minor compared to the pain and limited function they experienced prior to surgery. Your new hip may activate metal detectors required for security in airports and some buildings. Tell the security agent about your hip replacement if the alarm is activated. You may ask your orthopedic surgeon for a card confirming that you have an artificial hip.

    What is important to remember after Hip Replacement?

    • Participate in a regular light exercise program to maintain proper strength and mobility of your new hip.
    • Take special precautions to avoid falls and injuries.
    • Notify your dentist that you have had a hip replacement. You will need to take antibiotics before any dental procedure.
    • See your orthopedic surgeon periodically for routine follow-up examinations and X-rays, even if your hip replacement seems to be doing fine.