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Precision in Joint Replacement Surgery through Computer Navigation

As with any moving part, accurate alignment is key to smooth movement and long-term wear, just as wheel alignment affects the life of automobile tires. This is also the case with knee replacement. Accuracy to within one to two degrees and one to two millimetres is extremely important to the long-term outcome of knee replacement. Navigation System is designed to assist the surgeon in achieving this degree of precision routinely and consistently.

How Computer Navigation does works?

The image-guided navigation system is similar to the location and directional tracking systems used for cars and ships today. It is, in effect, a global positioning system (GPS) for the surgeon. The infra-red camera works like the satellite that detects signals from cars, boats, and other vehicles equipped with special tracking devices. As the surgeon moves an instrument within the patient's joint, the infrared camera calculates its position, and then transfers that data to a computer in the operation theater. The computer then shows the direction and location of the instrument. The computer navigates the path of instruments in such a way that the part is fitted in the most optimum position.

What are the advantages of Computer Navigated Knee Joint Replacement Surgery?

The Advantages are: Restores accurate leg alignment hence increases the survival of the implanted joint. It is performed through small skin cut which gives faster recovery. It also reduces the risk of technical complications.